Enrolling at our school


Keebra Park State High School recognises as our prime obligation the provision of access to an appropriate educational service for students residing within this community as defined by our local catchment area. Because of enrolment capacity and growth, Keebra Park State High School may be unable to meet this obligation in future unless action is taken now to manage enrolment.

Accountability and transparency in access to enrolment at Keebra Park State High School is provided by our Enrolment Management Plan (EMP).

There are three categories of enrolment to qualify:

·        Catchment area

·        Excellence programs and scholarship

·        Enrolment from outside our catchment area

Important information for interstate or overseas enrolments - please have your reports cards and completed Queensland Credit Education credit form

 Enrolment forms can be collected from the Parent and Visitor lounge in the administration building, or they can be emailed to you for your convenience. Please contact our enrolments officer at or on 07 5509 2523 if you would like forms to be emailed to you.

Once you have completed the forms, contact the enrolments officer – either by phone or email - to schedule an interview time for you. Enrolment forms can be submitted at this interview.

Enrolment from within our catchment area

The following documents are required for enrolment:

  • Two forms of proof of residency within catchment area
  • Student's birth certificate
  • Student's passport and visa (if born overseas)
  • Student's two most recent school reports 
  • NAPLAN test results
  • Copy of any student-related legal/court orders
  • Copy of an Action Plan is required for any serious medical conditions that the student has (this must be completed by the student's doctor)

Proof of residency documents need to include 1 primary source document and 1 secondary source document. Documents must show enrolling parent/caregiver's name and residential address. 

1. Primary Source -

  • Signed unconditional sale agreement (full)
  • Current lease agreement stamped and signed by a real estate agency (full) 
  • Rates notice

2. Secondary Source 

  • Utility bill (e.g. electricity or gas) or hard copy of email confirmation of utilities
  • Home phone agreement/bill
  • Foxtel agreement/bill
  • Broadband agreement/bill
  • Water bill
  • Driver's licence

 If you are unable to provide any of these documents, please contact the enrolments officer before submitting your application or making an enrolment interview time.
 Failure to provide the required documentation may result in an interview time not being allocated to you until you are able to provide the documents.

Enrolment from outside our catchment area

 Students who reside outside the school's local catchment area are asked to complete and submit an Out of Catchment and Excellence Program Application form.

This form MUST be accompanied by the students last two report cards and their latest NAPLAN results, if applicable (particularly for year 7 and year 10 enrolments). Out of catchment applications will not be considered by the Principal unless these documents accompany the application form.

Once this form is received by the enrolment officer, the application will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Principal.

The outcome will be notified in writing by email. 
PLEASE NOTE: An enrolling student who has a sibling already actively enrolled at Keebra Park, is not automatically guaranteed acceptance of enrolment.



Last reviewed 27 March 2020
Last updated 27 March 2020