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Transition to Year 7



​Welcome to our school

Transition Day will be held on Friday 2nd December.
Please enrol by Thursdsay 1st December if you are going to be part of the day.
On Transition Day, you will meet your new class and some of your new teachers. You’ll learn how to find your way around the school, and the names and faces of people who can help you next year. You will also have some lessons introducing you to work you’ll do next year.
Wear t-shirt, shorts, hat and joggers on Transition Day. Bring your morning tea, lunch will be provided – a BBQ and fruit.
You will meet at the Resource Centre (library) with your parents (if they can stay). Student leaders at the gates will help direct you there. From there you will be escorted to your new classroom by teachers and student leaders. Your class will play some games to help you find your way around.  


Why we are a great school

One of the best things about Keebra Park State High School is all the opportunities that are available.  

You will have brand new, exciting subjects not taught in primary school, such as Home Economics, Manual Arts and Multi Media Studies. Many subjects will give you a chance to develop new interests in new areas and every teacher you have will be a specialist in that particular subject.  

Student Opportunity

If you excel in a skill you can improve it, with the help of our Excellence Programs. Whether you shine on stage, in the classroom, on the sporting fields, or play a musical instrument our excellence programs are specially designed to give our students opportunity.

Keebra Park is a great school, with lots of opportunities to get excited about.

If you are in the full blast of transitioning to high school, and are wondering about something, don’t worry! There are heaps of people at Keebra Park to answer all your questions and make your transition smooth and easy. 

Where do I go on the first day?

You might be wondering, how will I not get lost?  At the first assembly (which is the first day of school) you will be given information and divided into your classes.  In the first class you will receive your timetable and will be handed a student diary. This contains lots of information about the school, a plastic pocket for your timetable and also contains a map to pinpoint exactly where you are. You can’t get lost if you use it! If in doubt, always ask an older student or teacher. We are a friendly bunch here at Keebra Park and will do all we can to help you. 


Wondering about the seniors? Big senior students are one of the scariest things to people going into high school. Some of them seem huge! Actually, our seniors are great, friendly, caring and happy to help others.

Making friends

Friends? Making new friends can feel daunting, especially if you are coming to high school not knowing anyone or wanting to reinvent yourself. Just trust that you are cool, just by being you. Keebra Park caters for so many different students that you are bound to find your tribe quickly.


Managing homework is easy - it just involves writing your tasks in your school diary and using time management. Write your homework in your diary, then open it and do your homework as soon as you get home.  Keebra Catch Up Club is 3 times a week in the library with a teacher to help you. 

When should I buy my Uniform?

Most of you will be very excited about getting a brand new uniform and will want to buy it as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that we are all growing very quickly. Leave purchasing your school uniform until late this year or mid- January next year. For more information about uniforms visit the Bookshop website page. At Keebra Park we wear our uniforms with pride. 


How will I get to school?

Have you thought about how you are going to get to school? If not, it would be a good idea to sit down with your parents/caregivers and have a chat about how you will do this. Consider catching the bus, walking, riding your bike or getting a lift to school. Directly in front of the school is the bus stop and can be a very busy pick up and drop off zone, so perhaps plan a meeting point in a less busy spot. Make sure that you will get to and from school safely!  If you are catching a bus, familiarise yourself with the school timetable page of Surfside Buslines’ website

What our students say:


  • Making friends is fun
  • Homework isn’t as hard as you think
  • Teachers are great
  • Wear the right uniform
  • Be prepared for class with the right stationery
  • Ask for help if you are lost
  • Don’t be scared
  • A lot of opportunities Sporting, Academic, the Arts and leadership
  • New Friends
  • You can relax because everyone is friendly to you
  • We love the diversity
  • Events – to celebrate student success
  • Great teachers to help you
  • The big kids are friendly and helpful


If you or your parents have any special concerns, they should contact the Head of Department Junior Secondary at