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Literacy Planet


Did you know that all grade 7, 8 and 9 students as well as all the students that attend the Intensive English Centre have free online access to LiteracyPlanet? With regular practice, LiteracyPlanet can support your child to improve their reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

The students will have some opportunities to access LiteracyPlanet at school, but if your child also has access to the internet at home they will be able to access their account by simply logging on to www.literacyplanetstudentlogin and entering their student user name and password. Most students will have their password by now, but feel free to contact their English Teacher or myself if they need their login details.

Does Literacy Planet support the educational content covered in school?

YES. This web-based literacy program supports the English curriculum and meets essential learning standards. Literacy Planet is an educational resource that can be implemented into the classroom or used at home to support school literacy programs.

What key literacy areas are covered by the program?

Literacy Planet is a comprehensive literacy resource that covers Pre-Reading, Phonics, Vocabulary, Spelling, Reading, Comprehension and Grammar. Activities are interactive, fun and engaging, promoting students' willingness to learn while facilitating their literacy development.

Will Literacy Planet improve my child's literacy performance?

YES. Literacy Planet was written by experienced Australian educators and literacy specialists. When used in conjunction with a formal education program, Literacy Planet will improve a child's literacy outcomes, while boosting their confidence as a learner. Students can work at their own pace or compete against other students in real-time literacy games.

Is there enough content to challenge my child?

YES. There is enough stimulating content in LiteracyPlanet to keep students actively engaged for years. Students can choose from thousands of literacy exercises in the Academy. Different levels within each literacy skill ensure that students are consistently challenged and can map their progress. Positive reinforcement is used throughout the program to actively encourage students to achieve and 'have another go'. The 'Arcade' also motivates students by appealing to their natural competitive spirit.

How does LiteracyPlanet keep my child interested?

Literacy Planet is an incentive based program where students earn credit for every exercise completed. Credit points can be used to purchase clothing and accessories for their avatar or used to play cool digital games in the 'Arcade'.

Is LiteracyPlanet safe to use?

YES. LiteracyPlanet provides a safe and controlled learning environment where interaction between students is controlled. Students only interact with others using predetermined messages that are designed to foster a spirit of support, encouragement and shared learning. No private details are accessible.

Where possible please encourage your child to access the site on a regular basis even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes at a time, research proves that little and often usually works best!​