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Keebra Park Aim Higher Performance

Keebra Park Students Aim Higher

​By Nate Rapley Year 7 

On July 15th, the Keebra Park State High School Grade 7 cohort and a number of fortunate Year 8’s were graced by the presence of a representative of Southern Cross University and three actors, Emily, Jessica and Dom, from the performing group Gibber. They were summoned by the Year 7 Co-ordinator Mrs Wilkie, of whom we owe our thanks for this wonderful presentation.  The actors showed their audience the benefits of proceeding to higher education, or university, through a fun and interactive live performance.

Gibber showcased the benefits of higher education through the use of a video with commentary from the actors, using a range of fabulous costumes to engage the audience in delivering a strong message.  The range of characters included: Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Red Foo, Doctor Who and many others.  The modern world of teenage life was clearly portrayed throughout the performance with a celebrity game show, The Quiz Show.  The typical stereotypes often perceived about attending university were also highlighted but the actors demonstrated to the audience that university can be for everybody regardless of your background or financial situation, as long as you want to attend.

Overall, after the forty minute live show it was clear that university and higher education is important in life, and to achieve what you want, you should not let things like a little cash flow get in your way.  Well done Southern Cross University!