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Constitutional Convention



With much anticipation the Australian Constitutional Convention finally arrived on Tuesday the 18th of February at Southport Sharks Leagues Club. Many would have liked to come, and there was difficulty in selecting a team, however, the team of four was selected with one student representing Keebra by giving a speech.  The topic for the speech was: ‘A Bill of Rights for Australia, Constitutional, Statutory or not at all?’.  Sheri Johnson, a Bond University Graduate Law Student, (See Picture) assisted in the team effort of speechwriting, and built the confidence of the team in assuring them that they did know what they were talking about, clarifying the difference between Constitutional and Statutory. Sheri described the team as “a force to be reckoned with”.  Leading up to the day there was some research, readings and preparation which all members completed. For the speech, the team decided to take the angle of ‘New Zealand has a Constitutional Bill of Rights, so we should too’.
At 9am, the day began with a short briefing on the topic to remind the students of all that research which they did in trying to wrap their heads around this complex issue.- From there the students were put into groups to brainstorm and discuss the Rights which would go into this Bill. After this, the day continued with plenty of opportunity for our students to speak up. Our speaker, Treighvann Sialapae, was passionate, clear and memorable.  His line; “New Zealand is our neighbour, our friend, my family; their needs are our needs.  In 1990 they needed a Bill of Rights; ours is long overdue”, perfectly closed the argument.  Campbell’s hypothesis was a winner with its strong modality and clear message:  “As Australians it is imperative that we implement the Bill of Rights into our Constitution, to ensure the provision of power and control for future generations.”
I was proud to see Keebra so well represented by the students and look forward to further public speaking events in the near future.  Our school is well equipped for success in this area with many talented and confident speakers. Unfortunately we didn’t win this one, however we were certainly in the better half of speakers.  Well Done Keebra Park, and thank you Keely, Kendall, Treighvann and Campbell.
Miss Samantha Castelijn  -  English Teacher