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2015 Year 7 & 8 Information

flying start at Keebra Park

Parent Flyer

With only one term of school left before the end of the 2014 school year, all of our staff have been busy making the final preparations to welcome Year 7 students into our school community next year.

State schools will welcome approximately 60,000 students to Years 7 and 8, and up to 1,300 teachers will also begin to teach in the Junior Secondary years. Here at Keebra Park State High School, we will welcome 200 students across Year 7 and Year 8 as well as three
new teachers to our school.

While the addition of Year 7 will be new for us, 20 state schools were selected to make a head start on the transition and began welcoming Year 7 students to high school from 2012.

The schools in the Year 7 pilot program have generously shared their learning and insights in an effort to help all schools make a smooth and seamless transition of Year 7 to secondary in Queensland.

After more than 60 hours of interviews with pilot school principals, teachers, students and parents, four key insights emerged.

1.       Focus on transition – successful transition in pilot schools involved a combination of key events over an extended period of time with various groups participating (the 2015 Year 7 and Year 8 students, families, teachers, affiliate primary schools etc.).

2.       Invest in your people – the move of Year 7 to high school has created opportunities for some schools to expand their teaching workforce, so pilot schools have recommended using this opportunity to reinvigorate teaching practice.

3.       Understand the adolescent learner – pilot schools found that a deep understanding of the adolescent learner needs to be reflected in the approach to teaching and learning in the Junior Secondary years and also in the approach to student wellbeing and leadership more broadly.

4.       Seek regular feedback – pilot schools have found that seeking out and acting on feedback has been a key to their success.

Detailed learnings around each of these insights have been shared with high school principals in a series of presentations across the state before they were compiled into a printed guide and shared with all schools in Queensland.

Our school has had an opportunity to reflect on these insights and we will consider how best to incorporate them into our approach.

As a parent, you may have some questions or concerns around your child’s transition to high school. We’re here to provide as much support as possible, and we would encourage you to come and speak with us or with the primary school where your child is currently enrolled should you require any clarification or assistance.